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I nostri prodotti sono ricilabili al 100%


Scarti riciclati reintroducendoli nel ciclo produttivo

Our plastic It is different

We need to clarify the impact of plastic on the environment which is not due so much to its production but to its disposal. The high use of this material, especially disposable, has caused the so-called “plastic pollution” on the environment due to abandoned waste. This does not mean that plastic should be banned in all its forms, but only that it is necessary to adequately address the problem of its disposal and choose when it is truly advantageous to use it. Our products last over time and are 100% recyclable.

IT REDUCES CONSTRUCTION COSTS both for its cost-effectiveness and for the speed of laying and installation; replacing traditional materials with plastic also makes it possible to extend the useful life of the works.

VERY HIGH DURABILITYThe resistance and reduced construction times have a positive impact on the final balance. Furthermore, their anti-corrosion, anti-UV and anti-shock properties allow them to last a long time.

FIRE SAFETY The success of PVC, a leading polymer in the sector, is strongly linked to its intrinsic fire-fighting characteristics.

HYGIENEPlastic pipes are the ideal solution for the hygienic and safe transport of liquids.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE, thus allowing you to experiment with innovative products and solutions.

The Life project

Respect and protection of the environment have always been our prerogative. Already in 1996, by joining the Life environmental project of the European Community, the Group invested in the construction of a factory based on an innovative production process with low energy consumption with the use of a raw material deriving from industrial waste and partial recovery from separate waste collection – now renamed with the PSV brand. Thus starting a production process with reduced environmental impact with the production of the first fully recyclable Coverlife roofing sheet and, at the end of its life, with the possibility of being reintroduced into the production cycle without further burdens on the environment.

To date, respect for the environment is among our main objectives which translates into the recovery and recycling of waste materials, the reduction of packaging to guarantee the smallest possible amount of excess material, energy saving through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The continuous internal and external environmental controls allow us to remain faithful to the ambitious company objectives as well as the multiple certifications including UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 which constitutes the real demonstration of the importance we attribute to environmentally sustainable industrial production which surrounds us.

From 2023 we are designing a new line of environmentally friendly products whose raw material partially derives from non-fossil sources, significantly contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

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