Roofing sheet Olandese

The elegant profile and colours of the roofing sheet Olandese reproduce the traditional Dutch tiles landscapes of Central and Northern Europe. The model is available in the standard length of 2.025 m. or in lengths on demand up to 10.260 m. The sheet Olandese is suitable for any kind of coverage both in urban and rural areas.

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A Width mm. 1020 ± 5
B Lenght
mm. 2025 ± 5
C Working width mm. 955 ± 5
D Working lenght mm. 1885 ± 5
Working cover area mm. 955×1885 ± 5
Pitch mm. 194
Profile height mm. 45
mm. 2,5 ± 0,2
Minimum slope 15% (9°)
Surface finish Smooth
Underside color Beige
Material Polim-cryl
Weight Kg/m² 4,60 ± 5%
Maximum loading* Kg/m² 210
With a distance between fixing of mm. 760
Coverlife Olandese Overlap
Coverlife Olandese Installation
Coverlife Olandese Etruria Colors