PVC gutter profile 133

PVC 133 gutter profile, with a half round development of 33 centimeters, is a complete system of channel and accessories for any technical application. PVC single walled gutter 133 profiles are extruded with a high performance production system in grey and sand colors; The system is completed by a range of accessories made with the Bi-System assembly method (both solvent-cement and push-in accessories). Rain gutter profile 133 and accessories are in accordance with standard EN607.

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First Plast has been manufacturing PVC gutter channels since 1974. The long experience together with raw material R&D have enabled First Plast to produce gutter systems with excellent resistance to chemicals, physical agents and weather conditions. The certification of conformity to EN 607:2005 specifies that the product meets the requirements for PVC gutters and accessories, intended to be used for drainage of rainwater. Gutter profiles can be marked IIP only after having passed all tests required by the norm. First Plast gutter profiles certified according to EN 607:2005 are models 116, 125, 133 and 100×110.