Copper effect running outlet for gutter CUPRAELITE BEST

The running outlet is an essential accessory to complete the gutter system; it allows infact the drainage of rainwater collected by the gutter profile. This accessory has a Bi-System assembly system, i.e. it can be used both in solvent cement or push-in version; this last allows better channel expansion in case of changes in temperature. Running outlet can be connected in its bottom with to solvent cement downpipes.

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First Plast gutter systems can be installed according to everyone needs thanks to BI•SYSTEM accessories: this way they can be assembled either with PVC glue or with gasket.

Glue system

Installation with glue is a very easy procedure: first cut gutter profile with a usual hacksaw according to desired length and clean the surface you need to glue with recommended solvent; then apply PVC First-Coll directly from the tube or using a brush; join the two surfaces and allow it to dry.
BI•SYSTEM accessories can be also installed with gasket, instead of PVC glue. Adding gaskets to those accessories, they can be easily connected to gutter profiles granting best watertight. Besides, it allows PVC expansions under whatever weather