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Pratiko Bagno 1 ABS siphoned channel

First Plast expands its ABS siphoned channels range with the new Pratiko Bagno 1, a perfect match drainage function and coating customization. Pratiko Bagno 1 channels are conceived for the drainage in modern built-in shower stalls. The main body is an ABS siphoned channel equipped with a reversible AISI 304 stainless steel grid: the grid can in fact be used both for water evacuation or, if turned, it can be tiled inside with a properly shaped coating. Pratiko Bagno 1 is available in sizes 60 mm and 80mm; it is equipped with an ABS, 50 mm diameter anti-odor siphon, 360 degrees adjustable, with a set of height-adjustable feet and a hair filter.

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