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Ondina Bi-Color roofing sheet

Cover-Life shows the innovating product in the EASY COVER line: the Ondina Bi-Color roofing sheet. This product is mainly suitable for installation on for small building coverings (sheds, boxes, pergolas, bungalows) and in general, thanks to the standard dimensions of 1077 × 2000 mm, for DIY market. This sheet has a corrugated, co-extruded profile with a 76 mm pitch and 18 mm height. Its main feature is the finishing: both sides are in fact equipped with a different colors (Coral Red with Dark Gray or Olive Green with Natural brick) to allow a suitable aesthetic choice to match covering and building needs. Ondina Bi-Color roofing sheet is light, convenient, easy to handle and install; depending on the prevailing wind direction it can be installed both from one side or to the other. A tip for our authorized dealers: this double color product allows to halve the stock!

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