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FIRSTBOX condensation drain box

FIRSTBOX is the first reversible condensation drain box equipped with a dry trap for direct connection to the split. The innovative patented FIRSTBOX in-line system, allows the direct connection of condensation to the inspection dry siphon with several benefits. Thanks to the absence of the conveyor no free water will flow in the lower part of the box: this means no more risk of small debris entering the exhaust pipes during installation and avoidance of overflows from the conveyor in case of clogging in the exhaust pipe. This new system permits the elimination of any stagnation often cause of mold and bacteria. FIRSTBOX guarantees the elimination of thermal bridges that may sometimes cause damp spots on the walls and ensures better insulation of electric cables. The small inspection dry siphon prevents the return of unpleasant odors in any situation, even after a long period of inactivity of the air conditioner. The installation of the product, equipped with a complete fixation and connection kit is fast and easy.

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