Residential roofing sheet - Coppo XL

Coppo XL roofing sheet is a model suitable for residential and rural installations such as buildings, shelters, garage, bungalow and gazebo. This model has a wide range of roof accessories that allow customization according to project requirements: the ridge allows connection between two opposed roof slopes whereas the diagonal ridge allows the connection between the different side slopes finishing in the terminal ridge. The three-way ridge is also available. Installation near a wall is carried out using universal flashings. Coppo XL roofing sheets are installed using dedicated fixing accessories; screws for wooden or metal purlins, o’ring caps (which cover the sheet profile and provided with o’ring seal grant watertight on the screw holes) and screw covers (which protect the screw head from atmospheric agents). Sheets are lightweight, easy to transport and install, resistant to fire, shocks and chemical/atmospheric agents and able to give high thermal and acoustic insulation.

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