Industrial roofing sheet - Romana

The roofing sheet Romana is mainly suitable for industrial installations on sheds, hangars, factories or buildings where roofs in with asbestos-cement need to be replaced in accordance with public health applicable laws. The model has a wide range of roof accessories that allow customization according to different projects requirements. the smooth hinged ridge overhangs the adjacent slopes, the flashing allows the connection between roof slopes and walls and the gutter flashing joins the gutter line and the downspout below. Romana roofing sheets are installed using dedicated fixing accessories; screws for wooden or metal purlins, o’ring caps (which cover the sheet profile and provided with o’ring seal grant watertight on the screw holes) and screw covers (which protect the screw head from atmospheric agents). The model Romana is also available in glass fiber reinforced fiberglass in dimensions 1095×2500 mm , suitable for installation of skylights. Coverlife sheets are lightweight, easy to transport and install, resistant to fire, shocks and chemical/atmospheric agents (that’s why they are particularly suitable for application in zoo technical sector) and able to give high thermal and acoustic insulation.

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